I’ve Suffered a Psychological Injury at Work. What Do I Do?

WorkCover claims for psychological injury in Queensland. Many people believe that workers can only make compensation claims for work-related physical injuries. However, there are growing numbers of claims submitted for work-related psychological injuries.   These psychological cases have different requirements than claims for physical injuries. There is also an exclusion, referred to as “reasonable managementContinue reading “I’ve Suffered a Psychological Injury at Work. What Do I Do?”

Workers Compensation, Are You Eligible?

In Queensland, any claim for compensation arising from an injury or disease that arises from work, must be made through the workers compensation scheme. Under this scheme, all employers are required to have workers compensation insurance that covers their employees. When a claim is made, the insurer investigates the claim and pays you compensation calculatedContinue reading “Workers Compensation, Are You Eligible?”

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