Are you like many Queenslander’s who like to roll the wheels most days or on the weekends? Then you know that most cyclists cop abuse and are close to accidents on average twice every ride longer than 60 mins.


Unfortunately, the cyclist gets hit by a vehicle and the aftermath can be months or years of rehab. This results in serious time away from work and can have a huge impact on the quality of life of many. Then add the cost of rehab, physio, chiro and it just adds up if you fail to pursue a bicycle accident compensation claim.


Below is a common story from channel 7 news. It may just hit home for those of you who have been involved in car accident whilst out riding.


Queensland cyclist tells of lucky escape after being sent flying through the air by car


When people see footage of cyclist Steve Robertshaw being laid out by a car in Cairns, they wonder how he could be standing in front of them.


“Even the police said, ‘Go and buy a Golden Casket ticket, mate’,” Robertshaw told 7NEWS.

“We can’t believe you walked away from that’.” Dashcam has captured the shocking moment Robertshaw was struck by the car and sent cartwheeling through the air.

He was riding through a set of traffic lights last month when the right-turning car broke his leg and wrist.

“I saw the car coming up to the traffic lights,” he said.

“Obviously, I had right of way.

“She (the driver) just didn’t stop.

“I tried to take evasive action. I had a split second to act.

“But unfortunately, she accelerated around the corner.

“There was not much I could do. I kind of cartwheeled over the car. The bike got elevated to the top of the traffic lights.”

“It was smashed.”

Robertshaw, an experienced rider who has raced in Europe, spent two days in hospital.

He has used the incident to urge drivers to be more conscious of cyclists and more willing to share the roads.

“Some people think cyclists are from a different planet,” he said.

“A lot of cyclists are doctors, dentists, teachers, midwives.

“I think it’s a mentality thing.

“I think people have got to realise you can’t go around killing cyclists.”


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