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Derek Siffered Work Injury in Townsville

Derek is a young labourer. He was working for a labour-hire company. On this particular occasion, he had been sent to work for a “host employer” that handled the recycling of heavy-duty packages. The packages were very heavy, weighing approximately 70kgs each. Derek, a fairly fit 28-year-old, was required to lift these very heavy batteries by himself from a pallet. Whilst performing this task on a number of occasions, a handle attached to the package snapped, meaning that the whole weight of the battery was taken by one arm.

Derek complained to the supervisor about the handles breaking on the package. Derek was told to stop complaining and get on with his job. Following one incident, Derek experienced severe pain in his arm. He reported the injury and attended the local medical centre for treatment.

A few months later, the same incident happened again. This time the pain was excruciating. He attended the local hospital and was eventually referred to a specialist surgeon who operated on his arm and shoulder. Several months of rehabilitation and intensive physiotherapy were needed. Derek continues to suffer from restricted use of his arm, chronic pain in his arm and shoulder and reduced strength in his arm. The injury has cost him his job. Because of the ongoing problems he is experiencing with his arm and shoulder, he is now restricted to very light labouring work which has had a marked impact on the wages he can earn.

“I was in a bad place; the work was a long contract and I wanted to earn money. I kept telling the supervisor of the issues with the packages and was told to be quiet. I never thought going to work and putting in a tough day would result in me having to stop all together. I need help and was told about the services of Castle (Compensation Partners). I had nothing to lose and everything to gain. The assessment, speaking to a workers compensation lawyer and the settlement was done in a very smooth way. I can’t stop telling people about Castle now.

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