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Maria Suffered a Work Injury in Brisbane

Maria was a shop assistant working for one of a large supermarket found in every city in Brisbane. Maria has been in full time employment for 10 years and has four wonderful kids. On a normal Tuesday, she was working at a check-out register serving a customer, as she has done a thousand times before.

The register conveyor belt was faulty. At one point it moved forward causing an item to fall from the conveyor. Maria tried to save the item from smashing on the ground and in doing so, struck her hand on part of the check-out counter area. Maria felt immediate pain in her hand. She reported the accident to her supervisor and attended her GP for treatment. Unfortunately, what at first appeared to be a relatively minor injury, has led to the development of a reflex sympathetic dystrophy affecting not only her hand but also her arm, neck and back.

Maria is a fighter and was determined to overcome her pain and keep working. Her arm has continued to deteriorate and she has been forced to look for lighter, less onerous employment. Doing her best, she has secured work as a kitchen hand. She performs this work favouring her injured arm. Unfortunately, there are days when the pain is so bad she cannot work at all. Needless to say, this work-related-injury has had a devastating effect on her life and that of her family and also greatly impacted on her income. Maria turned to Castle Compensation Partners seeking advice and assistance.

“I was at my wits end; I just wanted to work and earn an honest living. I tried to change jobs and see if the change would benefit my injury. The pain just got too much. This affected me at home too, I was very snappy and took my frustration out on my family. Then I was searching on the internet and stumbled across Castle’s webpage. I saw the free assessment and thought why not. It was the best decision I have ever done. Within hours the assessment was done and I was talking with a proper compensation lawyer. Why did I wait so long? The process was easy and pain free.”

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